Welcome to WNY Quilt Guilds!

We are very excited to launch this project to help keep the WNY quilting community connected and informed about what is going on in the local area.  It’s our goal to share information on all things local quilting! We love to quilt, go to quilting events, meet new people to spread our love for quilting and learn new tips and tricks to make quilting easier, more fun and make more interesting projects!

We also hope that this will help guilds get new members and have more successful events with better turnouts. By being able to share all the information with more people who are interested in participating.  

If you are a member of a local quilt guild, please tell your executive committee about us! If you are a member of an executive committee of a local quilt guild please reach out to us! The more guilds that participate the better! There are no meetings or high dues. All we ask is a small amount from each guild ($15 a year) to cover our hosting fees for our website, and advertising costs to get the word out there. We also ask for you to share all relevant information with us to be able to post on here to share with all who are interested!

On this website we hope to share the following:

  • A directory of information on all local guilds:
    • Who they are
    • Where they meet
    • When they meet
    • Contact information to join
    • Website / Facebook / any other social media
  • Information on all the local quilt shows! (we don’t know about you, but we LOVE quilt shows and would like to know about all of them so we can go to all of them)
  • All local quilting events including:
    • National Speakers that guilds bring in for classes / trunk shows / lectures
    • Local speakers
    • Special classes
    • Trunk shows
    • Workshops
    • Exhibits
  • Bus trips to quilting events locally or outside the area that leaves from WNY
  • Quilt Retreats
  • Newsletters from local guilds
  • Quilt judges

We are putting in all the information that we have to make this website great! However, it will only be as good as all the information shared with us! So please let us know what your guild is doing!

We also hope to not only have information helpful to all local quilters who want to get more involved in the local community but to also have information that will be helpful for the guilds themselves. Including a list of local judges for quilt shows.

As we continue to grow and expand, we might also provide a list of local shops and long arm quilters.

It’s our goal to help boost the local quilting community.

Who we are:

We are a mother and daughter quilting team!

Judi started quilting in 2000 when our family left Buffalo for a short-term stay in WV, but continued to quilt even when moving back to Buffalo. She has been a member of multiple local quilt guilds and has even served on the executive committee of one in many different capacities.

Lois learned how to quilt from her mother back in high school when she made a small wall hanging and then swore that she would never do that again. However, when she had a few months to kill between undergrad and grad school she picked up quilting again and has been (slowly) quilting ever since.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with all of you!

Much love and happy crafting!

-Judi & Lois

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